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This game was developed in 5 days for the UE4 Summer Game Jam - "Make it count" (theme)

You and your trusty doggo are the last people left on the planet. Its your "job" to keep the meteor from getting to earth using a giant star powered laser beam. Destroy meteors and collect stars to power the laser. Don't forget to spend time with your pup. 

Make sure you die, let the meteor fall or get your house destroyed to unveil the true meaning behind my game and its theme. 

Gameplay Footage!


Don't let the big meteor fall!

Don't Die

Play with your pup!

Make sure you keep everything fueled up! 


W,A,S,D - Move

Space - Jump

Left Click - Shoot

Right Click  ( hold/release) - Grab and Release

Mouse Wheel - Adjust hold distance (goes pretty far)

E  - interact with machines and trees

ESC - quit game


-Stars get stuck in trees. Shake em out!

-Stars power everything. Ammo, your houses shield generator and batteries for the big laser.

-Use rocks, stars and batteries to crush meteors without wasting ammunition (Make it count)

-Stars can be merged together by contact. Carry more at one time. 

-You can't be hurt by meteors. Death by falling only.

Doggo Hints

- Loves star energy! Bullets, stars and batteries.

- He is kinda dumb but he'll follow you around the house

- He hates going outside.

List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.

-Background music, educational licenses provided by SoundStripe



- All sound effects from Soundly

- Infinity Blade particle explosion on meteors

- 2 diffuse textures for grass and dirt

Install instructions

Extract .zip file. 

Run .exe file


ColorClick_TheBigOne.zip 163 MB

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